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Spline Direction, References, & Sweep Modifier in 3dsmax

One of the problems I run into for design visualization in 3dsmax on complex site models is managing extremely complex sweep objects, specifically to create the curbs for a site model.  The sweep modifier is a great tool for creating curbs (as well as trim profiles for architectural interiors).  The issue that option arises is […]

Window Tutorial – Pt. 1

It seems ambitious to title this part one of a window tutorial.  I guess that will keep me accountable to do a part two. Here’s a tutorial I’ve been wanting to do for awhile.  I started trying to type it out once, but gave up, and ended up doing it as a video. If your […]

Selection Sets For Quick Access

File this under the “things I should have been doing all along but just now figured out”. You know selection sets, right?  It’s this little guy: I use it from time to time, but honestly, I’m lazy about some tools like that.  But recently, I found a great use for it, especially when working on […]