Selection Sets For Quick Access

File this under the “things I should have been doing all along but just now figured out”.

You know selection sets, right?  It’s this little guy:

I use it from time to time, but honestly, I’m lazy about some tools like that.  But recently, I found a great use for it, especially when working on an exterior rendering.  Goes a little something like this.

  1. Select your Daylight system (or your primary light source)
  2. Create a selection set for “Daylight” (or similar)
  3. Drop down and grab it to quickly select the Daylight system while tweaking lighting and such.

In the past, I’d use the named selection  / scene explorer to select it by name each time, but by the time I get a large and complex scene going, it became a little unwieldy.  This seems to save 3-4 mouse clicks, and maybe 5 seconds or so.   It also makes me more likely to grab the light, tweak it a little bit, and continue to refine the look of the scene.

Selection sets.  Learn them.  Live them.  Use them.