3D Architectural Renderings

PUSHpixel produces beautiful photo-realistic architectural renderings that communicate design and vision.  While 3D renderings have become a more common tool used in design communication, our attention to the details of lighting, site context, materials, and photo-realistic believability will set your project apart from the rest of the marketplace.  Our experience in 3D modeling allows us to insert specified or custom fixtures and furniture so that the project is clearly defined and communicated.    When complete, our renderings can be utilized in project websites, zoning hearings, print advertising, social media campaigns, or anywhere you need to communicate vision for a project prior to construction.

3D Outsourcing

PUSHpixel can serve as an outside resource for design teams needing to add 3D modeling capabilities to their existing design platform.  By bringing our 3D expertise into their design workflow, our clients are able to provide capabilities that the market demands without needing to maintain in-house 3D artists.

Site Plans & Map Exhibits

Our background in the land development industry gives us critical insight into the need for clear communication when it comes to land development projects and site selection.  We incorporate a mix of data including aerial photos, site surveys, site plans, and custom generated graphic content to create visually impactful maps and drawings that clearly communicate design intent and project locations.


We love learning new tricks, too!  Contact us today to see how we can use our range of 2D & 3D graphics services to bring your ideas into focus!